Set in the heart of rural Droxford, our bridal barn boutique presents the perfect place to prepare for one of the most memorable days of your life. On your arrival at what we like to call ‘the wedding dress barn’, you’ll peek through the wooden-panelled glass windows to the array of beautiful bridal gowns, jewellery, footwear and more we have for you to fall in love with.



At Anya Bridal, we see it as our mission to help you find the wedding dress and bridal accessories that just feel right. So, to make your stay memorable, our friendly staff will meet you with a smile as you arrive. They’ll then be on hand throughout your time in our barn bridal boutique shop to offer their expert help, advice, and knowledge about everything from bridal trends to recommended prices.



Getting married should be a magical experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and we feel that starts long before the day of the ceremony itself. For the time you’re with us, we want our barn to feel like your home.



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